Bionx Motor install on a Recumbent Trike

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Bionx assist motors are the perfect upgrade to a recumbent trike. The motors give you the option of 4 levels of Pedal Assist…..Think of it this way, you are cruising along comfortably at 12 miles per hour on your recumbent trike. With the “assist” set at one of 4 settings, this gives you the ability to run 14, 15, 18 plus miles per hour with the SAME effort you were using to go 12 miles per hour. This gives you the ability to go faster and WAY further than you could before. The batteries go up to 65 miles or 80 miles per charge depending on the model purchased and settings used.

We here at Victory have sold and installed 30 plus Bionx systems on recumbent trikes from Terratrikes to Catrikes and Ice recumbents. The price includes professional installation and a full 2 year factory warranty. Contact us to test ride and purchase yours today.

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